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When the Akwa Ibom state broadcasting corporation decided to lift the bar and upped the game in youth empowerment through entertainment in the state the corporation knows it needs a formidable partnership to deliver all technical needs ranging from sound reinforcement to lighting and other details. The corporation found a formidable partnership Lifetone group . From conception to execution, the technical inputs were flawless which made the Event a huge success for the two year running now. Thanks to the excellent spirit at LIFETONE.


Brother Joshua Iginla and the champions Assembly are not new to Crusades. Having hosted same in various parts of Nigeria and Africa, the team knew it can't afford anything short of excellence for it Crusade in UYO come March 2017. From the bidding process to idea conceptualization which was a thorough process LIFETONE group was the preferred choice. The sound was great and so was the stage and light plus the LED screens all supplied by LIFETONE group. No doubt the event turned out to be great throughout the three days it lasted at the UYO township stadium. LIFETONE will continue to be the preferred choice if excellent delivery is your major consideration.


For the past 8 years since LIFETONE decided to change the face of the convention for the renowned world evangelist, Dr Uma Ukpai there is no looking back. The competition is always stiff when it comes to this great event but nothing can stop this great organization from using the preferred choice, LIFETONE group delivering excellent services.

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